Arcade Push-button
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A large, clicky button.
Arcade Push-button
What it is

A large, clicky button.

When to use it

When you need a large button for user input.

How it works

The Arcade Push-button consists of the arcade button body and a microswitch. The arcade button body has a large spring to help the button return to the up position. The button in the body presses the button on a microswitch mounted beneath it. To see how a microswitch works, please see the Lever Microswitch page.

How to use it

There are two parts to the arcade button: the microswitch (the part that connects and disconnects the connection) and the button housing (the part you press). Here is a short video showing how to assemble them:

How to assemble the arcade button

Using the microswitch is the same as any other microswitch; please see the Lever Microswitch page for how to use it.

Getting started

Please see the Lever Microswitch page for starter code and connections.

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