Infrared Remote
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Sends infrared light pulses that can be read by an Infrared Receiver.
Infrared Remote
What it is

The infrared (IR) remote controls devices with infrared pulses of light.

When to use it

When you want to control a device or Arduino that is in your line-of-sight.

How it works

When a button is pressed, a sequence of infrared light pulses is emitted from the infrared LED on the front of the remote. A different sequence is emitted for each button. These pulses of light are invisible to the human eye. This remote is no different from a TV remote.

How to use it

The infrared remote itself does not require any setup or configuration. As long as a battery is installed, its buttons will send infrared commands when pressed.

To receive the commands and learn more about how the commands work, please see the Infrared Receiver page.

Getting started

Please see the Infrared Receiver page for starter code and connections.

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